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About Us

We are LocalWeb

A specialist search engine optimization company. What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s just say we make sure your business gains the the online visibility equivalent of a lighthouse wearing a lighthouse, wearing a high-viz jacket. Basically, people will see you.

Having owned an operated many online businesses over the years, the founders at Local Web understand the power of a page one Google ranking. They realised that although small businesses were spending lots of money on pretty websites, they all shared something in common – NONE of their potential customers with their potential custom and potential profit, could find them online. They may as well have invented the invisibility cloak, but forgotten to take it off.

And so – with the sole purpose of connecting customers to businesses – LocalWeb was born. It’s as simple as that. Committed to providing simple and thrifty search marketing solutions to small and medium businesses; we help businesses maximise their web presence and realise the mind-blowing potential of the internet.

We bring customers to local businesses

Our focus is local businesses that provide a service to thier local community. Whether suburb based or city based, we will help your customers find you.

Our team is committed to providing simple, low cost search marketing solutions to small and medium businesses to help them achieve their goals.

Search engine optimisation and the Google™ network are without doubt the most dynamic tools that any enterprise can utilise to drive more business and increase sales.

Our Team

People who are behind Localweb
  • Doron

    Doron manages all of our Google SEO and SEM accounts. With a long history in Google marketing he is fully Google certified. Working closely with Google representatives he ensures all customers receive incredible amounts of traffic at sweet prices. In his spare time he can be found: rescuing hapless backpackers on Bondi beach.

  • Daragh

    Daragh manages our Dev and SEM. He loves the interwebs, meditation and yoga. Some believe he’s the reincarnation of priest Pai Mei. Some believe he can walk on water. Some believe he’s so damn hard he could literally punch a hole in time. Basically he’s a Praying Mantis styling, three inch punching, coding BADASS.

  • Michael

    Mike is the SEO guy. He heads up the SEO department and makes sure our customers sites are ranking on Google. When he’s not Optimus Priming the hell out of your website he can be found: surfing on the back of dolphins, snowboarding, mountain biking and growing bonsai trees in his back garden.

  • Lia

    Lia manages all of our accounts – she’s an account managing superwoman. This superwoman adores organisation, which is why she loves keeping Local Web managed to sweet, neat and orderly perfection. When she’s not furiously number crunching, writing rude words on her calculator and keeping the accounts kosher, she can be found in the ocean – like a mermaid guiding people on magical underwater adventures.

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