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AdWords is a bit like magic – it gives you total control over the search keywords you respond to. The same eyeballs that are looking for your particular service end up looking at your website – how cool is that? It’s a direct route to get to the top of the results in a hurry – within a budget you fully control.

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Adword Campaigns

Once upon a time – around the second Millennia – whilst launching its ‘Self-Service Advertising Program’, Google changed online marketing forever. No biggie. Fast forward 16 years and Google are raking in a CHA-CHING worthy $42 billion in revenue off the back of this advertising program.

Known fondly as Google AdWords this program has become crucial to the success of many online businesses. If this concept is new to your unbelieving eyes – let us explain. It’s a pay-per-click service – very simply it allows you to create and run ads for your business which’ll clearly be seen in Google’s search results. The nightmare of online invisibility…over.

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Here are five more glorious reasons to use Adwords

1. Google AdWords scrupulously selects your potential customers based on their interests, dreams and desires – this information is found in emails, search history and browser type. Narrowing your audience you can arrange a setup that’ll uncover your audience by their language, location or time of day.

2. By carefully selecting potential customers using future-techno-wizardry – not only are AdWords mind-bendingly accurate, they’ll also give you the selling super powers you always dreamt of.

3.By using ‘pay-per-click’ they make budgeting simple too. Businesses can set a maximum cost per day for campaigns and measurability is instant.

4. By employing precise keywords for your target audience you’re reaching the precise people with an interest in your services. This instantly teleports you way ahead of the pack.

5. As if that wasn’t enough – the service will also give you access to non-search sites such as GMail and YouTube. AND it’s scientifically proven to be more engaging – what’s not to like?

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