Ways for the Dental Industry to Fight Covid-19 Impacts

The Dental Industry & Covid-19 What can the Dental Fraternity do: 1. Have a Robust Online Presence Digital Attention is at an all time high with most people staying home. As people practice social distancing and avoid visiting brick and mortar stores, your website/online presence becomes a very important tool to keep your Dental Services … Continued

Working from home? How to make it work!

Working from home can be challenging but also very rewarding. At Local Web we have all worked from home in the past and sometimes for lengthily periods. Here are our 5 tips for getting the most out of working at home. – Who knows, this may be your opportunity to work from home more often … Continued

SEO Audits : What are they and why are they so important?

“S.E.O”… These are probably the three most important letters for your business. Your website is your storefront.  It’s your contact point with customers or clients, your means of reaching new people, engaging with them, and letting them know what you have to offer.  In the digital world, your website is the focal point of your … Continued

5 Innovative PPC Strategies to Streamline your Campaign

How to Get the Most out of your Pay Per Click Marketing It’s tempting to overlook PPC when setting up your campaign.  After all, it’s a high competition area, and you want to have the best ROI, the best bang for your marketing buck.  But PPC is a powerful tool for outreach.  If done correctly, … Continued

Website Design – Key Considerations when Creating Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront.  And, as any SEO expert will tell you, your #1 priority is to create a site that your target audience finds beautiful, easy to navigate, and simple to understand.  This is the key to transforming traffic to conversions.  And, unlike a brick and mortar shop, your digital storefront is … Continued

Reasons For Your Dental Surgery To Engage in Social Media

“Should I create a social media page for my dental practice?” As a dental professional in the modern society, you may have asked yourself this question one-too-many times over the past years. You’ve probably wondered if it’s worth your precious time and resources as well, didn’t you? While it’s true that social media dental marketing … Continued

Why Work with a Local SEO Service?

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s global.  Just punch in a search, and you have an entire world of information at your fingertips.  And, this is awesome, no doubt about it.  But sometimes, you want a specific product or service, and you’re really looking for something you can find in … Continued

How to Boost Patient Outreach for your Dental Practice

It might seem odd to think of a dental practice as a business that needs marketing, but in the modern era, competition is everywhere.  Customer outreach is as important for dentistry as it is for the real estate market.  So, here are a few tips to get your dental marketing services in line and help … Continued

SEO Basics

Your website is your way of reaching out to the world, of getting your product, service, or resource out there for the world to see.  And it will come as no surprise to anyone reading this article that SEO is the way to make that happen.  As the world goes more digital every day, a … Continued